We Are The People

Listen to streams of our soon to be released album "We Are The People".


You can listen to  samples of our new album, "We Are The People", which is recorded, but we're still working on the packaging.  It should be ready in a few more weeks.  Check back often.

Click here to see the cover. 

In the mean time, use the mp3 players below to listen to a demo mix or the complete songs.

Here is a demo mix of the General interest songs on "We Are The People": 

Download the General Interest demo here: Demo_GI.mp3 

 Here is a demo mix of the Social Conscience songs on "We Are The People" 

Download the Social Conscience demo here: Demo_SC.mp3 


Each individual song can be played below:

We Are the People


Jim Herrmann - An anthem for a new movement from Global Empire to Earth Community. Inspired by author David Korten's books.

Common Ground


Bill Peet - Let's change the conversation in this country and the world by really finding common ground.

On Walden Pond


Jim Herrmann, Thoreau - Simplicity. All words are from Henry David Thoreau's book Walden. Words to live by.

Handful Of Air


Rick Malsick - Whimsical reggae song; inspired by Albert Camus and The Myth of Sisyphus.




Traditional Irish tune Thomas learned from The Elders' Brent Hoad.

Ballad of Billy Bruce and Virgil Smith


Jim Herrmann - An entirely true story that happened in Kincaid, Kansas in the late 1970's. Love the pies as part of the story.

Coming Home



Bill Peet – Take a look into your deep life to find where home really is.  You will find that just coming home will put your demons to rest.

Three Ghosts


Rick Malsick - Joe Hill, Abbie Hoffman, and Lenny Bruce are the three people I want to meet in heaven.

Where's My Trickle


Jim Herrmann, Rick Malsick - There are serious flaws with the neo-con economic model. It's really more of a mist than a trickle. Rick and Jim collaborated on this one in Winfield, KS.

An Ardourous Task


Thomas Herrmann - Thomas Herrmann's first composition. Jazzy. Yes, we know it's “arduous” but we love Ardour.

The Broken Ice Cream Bar In The Peanut Butter Blues


Jim Herrmann - Written in 1984 based on a story by Jim's brother Larry Herrmann. Crunchy or smooooth.

Imagine and Believe


Jim Herrmann, Steve Robinson - Originally an Al Gore campaign song, with just a few tweaks became an Obama campaign song. Steve Robinson helped out on a big chunk of lyrics

Portrait of a Teenage Mind


Thomas Herrmann, Ashley Miller - The bizarre results of a late night in the studio. Thomas had an idea, and our engineer Ashley Miller made it happen. Jim and Kevin were along for the ride that night. Listen carefully and see how many sounds you can identify. 500 bonus points to the person that can find Eruption.